Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our important concern. We strived to provide you with a very transparent driving gradebook system. We want you to know everything we do. We make sure that our secured system will not provide your stored school information to any third party. We follow our principle that any information we collect from you will be treated with the utmost care and respect. Also, every effort will be made to ensure the information is kept private & secured.

What Kind of Information do We Collect?

  • We may collect information i.e. operating system, language, IP address, and log files. We also store map information if your GPS connection is on while the application is running.
  • We offer a database to store driver’s license permits, display pictures, and branding details.
  • Information you submit for the account registration, including the user name you create, your name, email address, a picture is also stored.
  • We make sure that we safely store your feedback forms, queries, lesson entry of each student, vehicle log, password details, branch details, driving text exam information.
  • We collect transaction history and save your bank account information.

How We Use Collected Information?

Our ultimate goal to collect your information is to serve you better as below:

  • To improve user experience and user interface.
  • We may use Non-Personal Information to provide, maintain, improve, and develop our services.
  • We store your personal/ non-personal information to maintain transparency between all the users at different hierarchies.


We are concerned about safeguarding the confidentiality of your personal and non-personal information. We use a secure system to store your info from unauthorized access and use. We will always notify you before sharing your information with any third-party system. If in case, you refuse to share, we’ll make sure that your information is impenetrable.

Use of Applications or The Services

If you suspect that your Personal Information is being transferred or used, please do not use any Application, Services, or the Site and immediately contact our support team.


Contact Us:

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy of this site please feel free to contact us at